An image of Peter Watts in Luohu, Shenzhen.

Peter Watts

Managing Director

Born in London, UK, Peter Worked at Trident Audio for 18 years (10 years as Head of R&D) assembling, testing and designing high-end analog studio and broadcast mixers. He moved to the USA to join Mackie Designs, staying for 7 years as VP of Engineering and Chief Designer for Digital Mixers and related products.

Peter moved to China in 2003 and founded Stonepower Ltd as an independent professional audio design house, working on projects for numerous brands. Peter has extensive expertise in analog, digital and digitally-controlled-analog product design and manufacturing.

In 2009 Peter co-founded M&W Pro-Audio with Greg Mackie.

  • Electronic Design
  • Analog, Digital & Digitally Controlled Analog
  • DSP
  • Analog & Digital Mixers
  • Broadcast Technology