Peter Watts

Managing Director

Born in London, UK, Peter Worked at Trident Audio for 18 years (10 years as Head of R&D) assembling, testing and designing high-end analog studio and broadcast mixers. He moved to the USA to join Mackie Designs, staying for 7 years as VP of Engineering and Chief Designer for Digital Mixers and related products.

Peter moved to China in 2003 and founded Stonepower Ltd as an independent professional audio design house, working on projects for numerous brands. Peter has extensive expertise in analog, digital and digitally-controlled-analog product design and manufacturing.

In 2009 Peter co-founded M&W Pro-Audio with Greg Mackie.

Mike Mayne

Software Director

Mike was born in Cambridge, UK, later moving to China in 2006 to work as Director of Product Development for SurgeX International and as Product Development Manager for Wharfedale Pro. He co-founded Plug Consulting in 2011, going on to design horns for Bag End Loudspeakers and deliver designs for several consumer electronic products.

Mike has been an accomplished multi-instrumentalist since an early age and has worked as a live sound professional. He has experience in retail, operations, communications and has simultaneously driven product development for several brands. Mike currently leads software engineering and acoustics for Stonepower.

In parallel to his role at Stonepower, Mike also works with Peter Watts and Greg Mackie at M&W Pro-Audio.

Ryan McKenna

Design Director

Born in Oxford, UK, Ryan has been passionate about Industrial Design, High-Tech and Musical Equipment from an early age. He has worked at every stage of the supply chain and product life-cycle in the pro-audio industry.

Ryan moved to China to work at IAG in 2009, co-founded Plug Consulting in 2011 and joined Stonepower Ltd in 2013.

Ryan uses his sales and marketing insight to drive product development and ensure that Stonepower designs take advantage of his industrial, graphic and interface design talents.

In parallel to his role at Stonepower, Ryan also works with Peter Watts and Greg Mackie at M&W Pro-Audio.