Mixer Design

The QSC touchmix

Mixing consoles are often the most challenging pro-audio product to design and build. Our clients call on our wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure their mixer products can compete with the very best in the industry.

Stonepower are skilled in the design and manufacture of both analog and digital mixing consoles. We help our clients to get mixers to market as fast as possible and avoid mistakes. We have helped clients such as QSC and Mackie to design and build highly rated products in both the digital and analog domains.

For designs that are already in production, we can help find and eliminate problems that are effecting product quality or manufacturability. We are experts in the implementation and design of test fixures and routines.

  • Analog, Digital & Digitally Controlled Analog
  • Concept to Manufacture
  • Cost Down Engineering & Key Component Sourcing
  • Electronic, DSP, Industrial & Mechanical Mixing Console Design