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  • be-photo

    QSC - Touchmix

    TouchMix site

    Stonepower played an instrumental role in the concept and design of this innovative digtal mixer.

    Project Responsibilities:
    • Concept & Development
    • Electronic Design
    "The world's most powerful small-format digital mixer series" has gone on to become an award winning global best seller.
  • colett

    Mackie - D8b

    Mackie website

    The Mackie D8b set the bar for project studio digital consoles, going on to become a top selling product.

    Project Responsibilities:
    • Concept, Definition & Development
    • Electronic Design
    Peter Watts joined Mackie Designs in 1996 to form their digital mixer team. 2 years later the D8b was shown to the public.
  • unity

    Trident - DiAn

    View demo

    Peter Watts original, groundbreaking console design set new standards in sound quality and usability.

    Project Responsibilities:
    • Concept, Definition & Development
    • Original Full Mix Recall System
    The Trident Dian stemmed from research work Peter Watts carried out, after hours, using a Sinclair Spectrum.
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